Roof Replacement

Roof Restoration and Roof Replacement Services

A roof has both functional and aesthetic value. No house or commercial structure can be designed without the roof. And the first thing that most people invariably notice about a house is its roof. This is why a roof should be kept in working order at all times. However, fixing your roof or replacing it altogether is not as simple or straightforward as it may sound. There are quite a few variables attached, along with multiple options regardless of whether you choose to reroof or replace your roof.

What is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is, as the name indicates, restoring the roof to its original state, or at least getting close to it. Usually, a deteriorated component of the roof is taken up for restoration. Unlike other kinds of restoration, a roof refurbishment project seldom requires getting rid of the existing materials. Invariably, the reroofing entails adding things to what’s already there.

A roof restoration would be of value only if the work done lasts for a considerable period. And for such longevity, the roof’s core must be sound structurally. Typically, the roof refurbishment route is recommended if small parts of the roof must be removed prior to reroofing. If excessive portions of the roof require that level of attention, it’s best to go ahead with roofing replacement instead.

Roof Restoration Price Quotes

The actual roof restoration cost can be determined only after a personal inspection of the roof. However, there are certain general costs that could give you a fair idea of the things to expect. A complete roof restoration should at least cost a few thousand dollars. A shingled roof could cost close to $4,500. And for certain jobs, the prices could go near $11,000. Full restoration is often not needed, however. In fact, some minor restoration work may cost a few hundred dollars.

When seeking quotes for restoration work, provide the contractor information relating to what you exactly want done, the roof’s approximate size, and roof pitch and type. If your house is two-story, mention that as well. Remember to get the quotes in detail. For instance, if you’re seeking a roof painting quote, the quotation must comprise costs for roof cleaning and prepping too, along with the number of paint coats likely to be used.

Roof Replacement

For a new roof, the average cost is close to $7,000. The majority of homeowners would likely spend between $5,000 and $10,000; the costs could go up to $30,000 in certain scenarios. There are several factors determining the final price of roofing replacement: roof size, pitch, materials used, application type, number of layers, etc.

Location significantly influences any activity relating to real estate, and roof replacement falls within the purview of real estate work. The roof materials’ costs vary by both climate and region. For instance, the amount of sunshine a place gets in a year or its susceptibility to natural disasters such as hurricanes can impact the price tag of a new roof.

Prior to a roof is replaced, the current roof should be torn off. If the existing roof is old and not in the best of condition, bringing it down could be quite labor-intensive and costly. For the new roof to stay in place and good state for a longer time period, it’s important to rectify underlying structural damage or defects.

To Replace or Repair?

Compared to roofing replacement, a reroof is easier and also inexpensive. However, not all bad roofs can be restored. There are instances when a replacement is the only sensible option. A roof replacement is ideal if the existing roof has reached the fag end of its reasonable lifespan or service life. Most roofs come good for at least a couple of decades. If your roof is 20 years old or more, get it inspected. Facets such as material, maintenance, ventilation, any prior replacement or repair could affect the roof’s life.

If the roof has extensive or multiple leaks, repairing the leaks may not be the long-term solution you need. A roof replacement would also be the right move if you would like to enhance the curb appeal of your house. In fact, you would be able to recoup at least 50 percent of the roof replacement costs when selling the house. If you are considering roof replacement, it’s advised not to delay as your existing deteriorating roof would get worse, which means the replacement would only get costlier.

Roof Material Choices

If your house’s existing roof is wooden or flat, you may choose to go with a fresh and modern roof that’s pitched and incorporates a metal or tile roofing setup. You have a range of materials to choose from for creating the right roof. You may choose to go with top-end cedar shingles, which would provide your house an upscale appearance. Regular asphalt shingles are a good choice too. These shingles are durable, inexpensive, and available widely. For a more unique appearance, there are a few other material options as well.

Why Choose A US Roof Pros Contractor

Working with the roof of your house can be complicated. The aforementioned information may give you a brief insight into things, but if you still have questions to ask, it’s perfectly fine. Ensure the roofing contractor you pick is willing to answer all your queries – no matter how redundant or silly they may be. Moreover, the contractor should be straightforward and honest about things. Remember, if you’re looking for a professional and honest roof replacement service, we are here to help. Just give US Roof Pros a call in your area and we’ll be at your service in the quickest possible time.