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US Pros provides roof repair and replacement services for the following types of roofs. The types of roofs used by a majority of the commercial and residential buildings varies across the country so please contact one of our regional locations to find an expert in your roof type.

The kind of roofing on any house not only determines its durability but also the final overall appearance of that house. There are several types of roofing materials that you can choose from today but the most common material is metal. However, you can also get a tile roof and shingle roof made from different materials such as clay and asphalt shingle.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs can be used on almost all types of buildings whether commercial or residential. It has been proven that both lightweight and durable metal roofs can go for about 20-30 years, with some manufacturers giving warranties of about 20-50 years. Metal roofs are ideal for covering larger buildings due to their lightweight nature, and the fact that they can endure several weather elements such as hailstorms, fires, and wind—better than materials. The roofs can also get re-coated whenever their color tends to fade or anytime you feel like changing their color.

The most commonly types of metal roofs we service include:

Iron Roofing

Corrugated iron is known to be one of the oldest as well as popular types of roofing. It also comes with tremendous benefits, the most prominent being its durability and resistance. The iron sheets can last for several years without losing their strength. Due to their immense strength, they are able to withstand severe weather that might be accompanied by strong rains and hailstorms. Above all, iron is inexpensive and offers enough insulation.

Steel Roofing

Steel is also one of the most common metal roofing. It is sturdier and heavier, especially when compared to other metals such as iron and aluminium. Manufacturers normally apply a number of durable coatings as well as finishes on steel in order to protect it against rust and corrosion. Zinc-coating appears to be their most preferred choice. The steel sheet systems meant for commercial roofing are usually given highly long-lasting paint finishes.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is extremely lightweight, and is normally used for residential metal roofing. Though it is resistant to rust, it is preferably coated or painted in order to improve its appearance. Coatings done on steel can also be done on aluminum. Being a very soft metal, unlike steel, aluminum gets dented and marred easily. However, environmentalists have been voicing their concern over the use of this valuable resource for applications such as roofing.

Copper Roofing

Copper roofing is known to last well over 100 years before a replacement is needed. Formerly, copper roofs only came from large sheets, which made installation a cumbersome affair that needed experts only in order to execute it. Nowadays, roofers can install a tile roof from copper tiles, which happen to be more versatile than the sheets. The tiles allow a roofer to cover a bigger number of roofs, while still offering the same longevity as well as good appearance. However, copper roofs eventually darken and develop a patina after about 10 years. Copper roofing, especially the tiles, can also be very expensive.

Other types of roofs:

Tile Roofs

There is a wide variety of tile roofs, with numerous design-inspired colors as well as profiles which greatly enhance exterior decor. Any tile roof is class-A fire-rated, which is the highest available fire-resistance rating, and is structurally superior as well as durable than most of the other roofing materials. They also come with better insulation properties than several other materials.

Wood Shake/Shingle Roofing

The most common wood roof is the Cedar Wood Shake/shingle roofing. This type of roofing can mostly be found on residential houses, churches, schools, and some commercial buildings. There are many experts who can offer reliable and factory-warranted installations of such roofs.

Tar and Gravel Roofing

This is considered as a cost-effective flat roof protection which can last up to about 30 years. This is a roofing system which is a good option for people with flat roofed homes. The tar and gravel roofs are normally made of about 3-5 laminated layers asphalt base sheet, roofing felt, and hot tar.  A top bitumen layer as well as extra top mineral coating may also be added. Gravel of a light colored shade is then used to cover any dark layers.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofing comes with a long winding history, and happens to be one of the highest quality as well as most durable roofing material around. However, its prohibitive cost, complex installation as well as considerable fragility mean that it is unattainable to many people. It is known to last up to 150 years when well installed.

Flat Roofs

There are numerous types of flat roofs. A modern flat roof tends to utilize a continuous membrane covering. Where possible, the membranes are applied as an uninterrupted sheet. Adhesives and sealants can be used to bond several sheets and take care of structures that may penetrate the surface of the roof, such as plumbing stacks, air conditioner stands, and vents.

Shingle Roofs

The most common shingle roofs are asphalt shingle roofs.  These roof shingles can be found in several colors and styles. They are highly versatile, and can be used on almost all types of residential and commercial buildings. Shingle roofs are among the easiest to install and can be less costly at installation. Most of the shingle roofs come with warranties of 20-30 years, but they can go up to 40 or even 50 years.

Getting Started

Having a residential or commercial metal roof made from steel, iron, copper, or aluminum has become the most popular choice of roofing in the recent past.  The above are the most commonly used residential and commercial roofing styles and methods that are trending today. Call US Roof Pros today to discuss your options for a new roof material or roof replacement.