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A roof is a property’s first line of defense against natural hazards such as snow, fire, rain, hail, extreme heat among others.  As such, it is also one of the most vulnerable parts of a home, as it is exposed to elements that could lead to its decay and deterioration every day. In fact, the International Building Code requires that roofs protect buildings fully beginning with material selection, design, and installation at the point of a remodel or property erection. No matter the type of roof used, there are events it will need regular inspection, repair, maintenance, and sometimes replacement. This article focuses on damages, causes of roof leaks, and general costs of home roof repair in the US.

Signs of a Problematic Roof

When last was your roof inspected? If it has been long, it may be difficult for you to identify and have the problem fixed in time. Some problems may be apparent even from the inside of your home, while others can only be realized when it is too late. The most prominent sign of a leak is water stains on the ceiling, and this could signal a crack in the roof.

Also, if you notice unexplained odors in your house, there could be water penetration from the roof. While internal water damage could signal major roof damage, it is important to call in a roof repair contractor for a close and accurate inspection. Note that undetected leaks can slowly rot wood decks and rust steel roof.

Roof Damages and Causes

Roof damages are common problems among all roofing materials, and it is important to have them addressed by professional roofing repair experts for a permanent solution.

Roof Leaks

By the time a roof leak develops and leaves stains on your ceiling or drips in a room, there are high chances that the development has been going on for years. More so, major structural damage may have by this time been caused despite being invisible from the ground. Failing to fix roof leaks can lead to irreversible structural damage and high repair bills. Understand that precipitation especially during winter and strong winds can make small discrepancies in your shingles larger, leading to mold, leaks and even rot.


Flashing plays the role of creating a water-tight boundary between the roofing materials, projections, and roof sections. Problems linked to flashing can quickly result in leaks which can in turn damage the field of the roofing material as well as the house interior. Normally, a flashing problem will result from poor installation or design errors, while others can be caused by wind damage. It is advisable to have a roof repair contractor inspect all parts of the roof to catch and fix problems early to prevent major damage.

Storm Damage

After a storm rolls in, it can be very hard to assess the extent of roof damage, as it could need anything from major-minor repair or replacement. The shingles can be blown off, leaving the roof vulnerable to water intrusion. This can make the water to get to the damaged underlayment and cause the deck to rot. The slightest number of missing shingles can result in extensive water damage.

At this point, do not be tempted to employ a DIY process to nail the shingles back or try to fix the already broken shingles. Instead, have a roof repair contractor determine the status of the underlayment and the decking to administer an appropriate solution. Depending on your roof’s age, the extent of water damage, and number of shingles lost/damaged, the roof may require repair or replacement.

Material Degradation

Every roofing material has a specific time frame between the day of installation and its end of service life. With time, it will tend to deteriorate and become less effective in preventing water from penetrating your interior. Also, with time, the vents, seal’s shingles and the tar can melt as a result of direct sun exposure. This is why a roof leak detection service should be carried out to have brittle parts replaced promptly.

Tree Damage

Fallen trees can severely damage roof structures. Also, most homes are surrounded by trees, with the branches being too close to the surface of the roof, and this poses a serious threat to the life of your roofing material. A branch being tossed by the wind and rubbing the rooftop can damage the outer protective layer of your roof. With a compromised top layer, leaks cannot be avoided. Also, the leaves falling on the roof can clog the gutter, leading rainwater to accumulate, causing leaks to form in the attic.

Cost of Roof Repairs

There are many influences affecting the cost of repair from flat, sloped, high or low pitched roofs and more. The cost of materials also varies greatly, and some require more labor than others. Per 100 square feet, the cost of roof leak repair can cost as follows: asphalt runs at $120, tile shingles between $300 and $500, slate shingles between $800 and $1000, metal roof at $1500. Average costs of various repairs include missing shingles $100-$1000, vertical slits $100-$1000, leaking gutters $90, ice dams $50, inadequate roof pitch $850-$1000.

Roof Repointing and Repairing the Valley of a Roof

Repointing is a layer placed over the top of the bedding for a stronger hold of the tiles, sealing the roof against water. Normally, pointing is designed to expand and contract depending on the weather condition. When it cracks, the roof is likely to leak and cause damage to your home.

Roof valley is the V-shaped metal running across the roof folds. When it cracks, leaks that get worse gradually develop. Also, leaves and debris blocking the valley can cause large water amounts to get into the roof cavity, the reason it is necessary to have it repaired in good time.

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