Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial establishments tend to overlook roofs until they cause problems like leaks, water entering the building and missing tiles or roof coverings. These are problems that can be avoided if you arrange for regular commercial roof maintenance and have that work carried out by commercial roofing contractors.

Commercial roofs and their structure and materials must be chosen depending on the nature and purpose of the establishment being run under such roofs. You may require more attention to ventilation and smoke stacks for restaurants, while ventilation systems may be important for warehouses and other establishments. Flat roofs can permit vertical expansion in future. Commercial roofs are more expensive because they often have to cover large areas without any intermediate columns or other support structures so that the business has all the flexibility that it needs. These roofs are often at greater heights and this imposes additional structural requirements.

Types of Commercial Roofs We Service

Commercial roofing can be of many types and use different materials, and the choice of these depends on the area being covered and the budget that is allowed for the real estate portion of the business. You can have pitched roofs, roofs that slope only in one direction or even flat roofs that may allow for location of HVAC and other equipment and facilitate in maintenance. You can have a roof covering of metal, thermoplastic, rubber or many other alternatives. The choice of material must be made depending on its performance and durability, though quite often budgets have a greater say in the matter. Ensure that the work is always carried out by a commercial roofer who is experienced and licensed to carry out such work.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance to roofs can not only extend the longevity of the roof but can also help to avoid commercial roof repair that can often be quite a major expense. A continued neglect of roofs may also lead to the need for commercial roof replacement. It is important that commercial establishments have the roof inspected at least two times a year, and definitely after any severe storms or bad weather. Heavy snowfalls can also at times lead to weakening the structure of a roof and lead to its collapse. It is, therefore, essential that drainage systems, gutters, and other devices that can help to clear snow are always kept in the best condition. During such inspections tiles or shingles must be checked, pipes and vents cleared, and all debris that collects on roofs, removed.

If there is a lot of greenery around your commercial property you must make sure that trees do not have branches that overhang roofs, as this can lead to constant leaves and branches falling on roofs. These trees can often be a source of shade for roofs, and this can be helpful and help to reduce energy costs for cooling. It then becomes essential to see that the trees are in good health, properly trimmed and have all dead branches regularly removed.

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

A leaking roof can not only be detrimental to the structure but can lead to damage of goods stored inside and increased losses for a commercial establishment. Water running down walls or through ceilings can lead to electrical short circuits. They can also lead to the formation of mold and mildew and where climate control systems are installed, this can lead to severe health problems for customers and staff alike. Leaks that remain without repairs can affect structural stability. During commercial roof maintenance, the service provider will inspect the tiles or shingles, gutters, flashings and look for standing water or debris on the roof, detect points of water penetration, and check all ventilation components that most commercial roofs will have.

Cracked tiles or shingles on roofs are often a point of penetration of water and cracks, tears or missing shingles can lead to such penetration. Where the damage is great it may often be sensible to go in for commercial roof replacement carried out by good commercial roofing contractors. Water can even penetrate through chimneys, vents, pipes and other roof components. Gutters and downspouts can get clogged with leaves and debris and must be checked regularly, and after all storms. It can also make sense to conduct inspections on the underside of a roof and all its structural components. Attics or lofts, which are quite commonly used for storage in commercial establishments, must be kept neat and uncluttered so that regular inspections of the area can be carried out. If these areas smell musty, it is a sure sign of dampness and the source of the leakage needs to be traced.

Call The Commercial Roofing Experts

Properly maintained commercial roofs can have a life expectancy that goes from 25 to 40 years and this can help to reduce establishment costs. The performance of a roof can be extended through proper maintenance, preventive care, regular inspections and timely commercial roof repair. It is best to get in, experienced commercial roofing contractors, who can offer maintenance packages that can help to extend the life of a roof. Besides regular inspections and preventive care, the contractors must also include resealing of roofs at fixed intervals, or when such a service is found to be necessary. A proper maintenance plan can help to detect problems and find their solutions in time and this can minimize unexpected expenses for repairs or replacements. They can also allow the owners of the establishment to have a peace of mind and an assurance that their property is well looked after.

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